Skincare Routine

I am envious of those of you that have been blessed with “baba boud” skin
(Afrikaans saying for skin that is as soft and spotless as a baby bum).
Me on the other hand, I have had problematic skin from a very young age. The first step was Roaccutane which worked well but this cannot be used long term, it is quite strong and it has some serious side effects. My mom has been using RegimA for as long as I can remember (she looks AMAZING by the way) – so when I turned about 18, I decided to give RegimA a try. I started off with Power Peels, it worked absolute wonders, the little marks on my skin left by chicken pocks, gradually started to disappear and my skin drastically improved. So as soon as I started earning a salary, I decided to invest in RegimA skincare products.


I can honestly say that my skin has improved by 80% in the last 3 years, I will never use any other product, I swear by this product and i would recommend this to anybody and everybody.
My RegimA skincare routine consist of the following.


*Morning Cleanse with Dermazest Cleansing Gel
*Daily Radiant Boost applied after Morning Cleanse
*Night Cleanse with Dermazest Cleansing Gel
*Rejuvoderm Night Repair applied at night


RegimA is a Medical Product, the most advanced, medically accepted skin care programme created to attack the ageing free radicals and toxins associated with modern living.
RegimA is a unique anti-ageing and skin rejuvenation range manufactured for the use of doctors and skin care professionals. My advice is to start investing in your skin at a very young age, once the damage is done, it can take years to reverse, ask me. You cannot put a price on healthy, young, glowing skin.
Even though they are a little pricey, the cleanser lasts about 6 months and the Daily + Night creams about 4 months.


Thank you RegimA for changing my skin and giving my self confidence back. I love you.

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