Drum Restaurant Stellenbosch

This must be the best new little find in Stellenbosch.

I will be back, not once, not twice, this might just become our new favourite eating spot.

You must have heard of the band called Spoegwolf?

Well, they opened a restaurant and let me tell you, they know what they are doing!



Last night was extremely cold and rainy in Cape Town and I thought that a nice pizza and a glass of red would be perfect. Upon mentioning pizza to a friend, she recommended that I call and book as they had a Pizza and wine evening. To my delight we were welcomed to free wine, FREE WINE? Yes.



The space is very intimate and cosy, modern decor, welcoming fire place.

The kitchen is open and what a delight to watch chef Moskou in action, calm, composed, focused.

LOVES what he does obviously.


They had a choice of 2 soups for the night, butternut and mushroom.

We chose the mushroom soup and might have been the best, creamiest soup we have ever eaten.



The mains are absolutely unique, one of a kind, VETKOEK pizza. Nee ek jok nie.

So the actual pizza base is made out of vetkoek dough, its honestly so delicious!

They had a choice of Chorizo and Pulled Pork, Pizza is not too big and not too small, just right.


I might definitely be a bit heavier this morning but all worth it – highly recommend this gem!

Well done Danie and Moskou.

Bookings can be made by dialingĀ 021 883 3655




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