The Birth of my God Daughter


The Birth of a very special Angel on 11 May 2018 – Dayni-Louise Snyman


The moment I saw you I started crying, I felt like I knew you, we have prayed about you, talked about you almost every day for the past 9 months and finally got to meet you.

Dearest Dayni, your mother and I go way back, we love your family and your sister like our own family, we instantly felt so connected to you and we are so very honored to be your God Parents.

A few things to know about your new family and your household. We love drinking wine together, we love having a Braai, you will get to love lamb tjops and braai broodjies. We love a restaurant called Ginos, I am sure this will be your first stop as a new born. You will get to know rugby extensively and you will be a supporter at a rugby stadium in the years to come. We help each other and we encourage each other when your daddy and your uncle Norman is away for work. You have 2 cats who are both named Fifi and you have a very busy little sister who will teach you and cover for you when necessary, Lol.

Your mom loves you more than anything in the world and she is literally the best mom out there, you will grow up to feel such love and happiness. Your mommy wanted nothing more than for you to enter this world, you have completed their circle and their hearts are full.

You are the daughter of a King most high and I know you will move mountains.  Cannot wait to watch you grow into your own little person and one day my children will be your little friends.

I promise to keep praying for you, to cuddle you, to be there for you as a friend and to always be there for your parents and sister, no matter what little girl.

Happy sleeping and milk drinking





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