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I am always on the lookout for a new small town to visit when we have a weekend available to go away. Myself and my husband are both big fans of the Route 62, we have been to Robertson, Montaqu, Ashton. This time i decided on Barrydale as i have been drooling over pictures of the little town for so long!


For me personally, Barrydale is the town on the Route62 with the most soul and literally the friendliest people we have ever met. Barrydale is situated about 213km from Stellenbosch and the drive there has some spectacular views. (Drink a tranquilizer if you are afraid of heights.) I almost cried.



I booked a cottage on a farm called Doornvallei, about 4km from the town. The cottage name is Appelhuis and can be booked through

It felt like we were in our own little piece of heaven on earth when we arrived. The cottage is very secluded and the privacy is unreal! The house has the most amazing view and a huge stoep to enjoy a braai. The temperatures were quite low (actually no, it was BEYOND freezing Lol) but luckily the house has a big fireplace, we had it burning the entire weekend. And the red wine supply was enough.



We went to the Karoo Art Hotel to watch the rugby on Saturday, awesome spot where all the locals come together to cheer on the Springboks. We then walked across the street from the hotel to Bistro Blues to see what the vibe was like. More locals sitting around a bar, chatting about everything and anything, they immediately attempted to make friends. After a few shooters, we were friends. We also had dinner at Bistro Blues, fantastic Karoo Steak. Die lekkerste vleis kom maar van die Karoo.

On Sunday morning we took a stroll through the town and had breakfast at the Country Pumpkin. Seems like the local breakfast spot of choice, it filled up in a matter of minutes. Everybody sitting in the sun, reading their newspapers.

What a chilled life. An artist’s dream. A retirement option.



I have been following Diesel and Creme on Facebook for a very long time, I was so stoked to take my own pictures of the vintage motel. Now i also have the “been there done that” sticker Yay! Diesel and Creme make the best burgers and milkshakes probably on the entire route 62. The place is special and absolutely the only of its kind.





Sunday afternoon we had a braai on our gorgeous stoep, we just enjoyed the view and tranquility. We are already planning our next weekend to Barrydale, i honestly recommend that you visit the town at least twice in your lifetime, once will not be adequate 🙂










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