Kalk Bay

Kalk Bay is by far my favourite little town in Cape Town. Kalk Bay has SOUL.

Kalk Bay has recently been named one of the coolest neighbourhoods in the world on a recent Forbes list along with 11 other areas. This is no surprise as Kalk Bay offers a quaint escape from the city hustle and bustle and this town has tons of personality, it really has soul and it is any artistic soul’s dream.

On Saturday the weather was perfect so we decided to head over for the day. We normally park our car as soon as you enter the town and then we walk everywhere from there. We try to have a drink or a snack at a different restaurant each time we visit. On Saturday we passed LEKKER, it was so inviting we could not resist. Such a modern little spot with a great menu, great decor and classic music. We decided to share their Cookies and Cream Cake (what!?) – YES! Probably the best cake I have ever had in my life. ( i don’t really have a sweet tooth) but THIS – oh my goodness!




Next we headed to one of our all time favorites for a crisp, ice cold glass of Sauvignon – Harbour House.

They are probably one of the best seafood restaurants in Cape Town, they are literally on the water and the view is truly unbeatable.  They are situated in Kalk Bay Harbour. I always pair the mussels with a glass of white – could drink the cream sauce with a spoon!



A visit to the Harbour itself is an absolute must, they sell fresh fish and the Harbour is known for the 2 local “seals” that make themselves at home in front of the fish station. Kalkies is a fish and chips restaurant also located in the harbour, very decently priced and true old “koerant papier” serving style.


Finally we normally head on over to Brass Bell for lunch, mostly for the view and vibe but their pizzas as well as their calamari aint too shabby either. I can honestly never get sick of this place, i could spend every weekend here during summer time. So many great art galleries, local designer clothing stores, restaurants and much more.


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