Tel Aviv – Israel

Early in 2017 when we started planning a trip abroad, the decision was a little difficult as my husband is not your typical ISLAND holiday type of guy. We decided not to go to the typical island destinations that are normally chosen as a honeymoon destination and we also scratched Europe from our list as December is right in the middle of their winter.Our travel agent sold us the destination of Tel Aviv in Israel, she had booked numerous people to Tel Aviv and the feedback was amazing.  Tel Aviv is still very unsold in South Africa.
December in Israel is the beginning of their winter season BUT the temperatures are between 24 -27 which is perfect and the flight is not too long either. We traveled with Ethiopian airlines, travel time from Cape Town to Addis Abiba was about 6 and a half hours and from Addis, a quick 4 and a half.


Explaining Israel in words is truly difficult, only one word is adequate and that is MAGICAL. The streets are so lively, the buildings are a mixture between Italy and Greece, the beaches are beyond beautiful, the culture and music is something else, the people are extremely friendly, in every restaurant you eat, the locals will bring you a “chaser” to drink with them and they will always engage in conversation for a few minutes.

The food is on a level of its own, shawarmas and Falafels are their signature dishes but they are also big on Pasta and pizza. Thank goodness we did not pick up any weight as we walked a total of 128km during the trip. Avoid taxi’s , this will allow to indulge in all the good stuff without feeling guilty. Every day in Israel is different and unique, we made a list of all the must see’s and worked them through one by one. Old Jaffa city was one of our favorite parts of Israel and our trip to the Dead Sea is something we will never forget. You always here the stories of people floating in the dead sea but floating yourself , looking up to the clear blue sky, that cannot be described in words.



The night life in Tel Aviv is very big, they are a party crowd and they love their music and dancing so we fit right in. 🙂
Their local markets are very big among tourists, you need to arrive very hungry, there are hundreds of different types of food to try.


For the wine lovers, their wine is very expensive, anything between R120 and R150 a glass, I had to be very selective.
We will honestly highly recommend Tel Aviv to anybody, it is completely different to anything you will ever experience.
Interesting fact, Tel Aviv was voted one of the world’s top beach cities.
Experience I will cherish forever.
Memories to last a lifetime.


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