Have you ever noticed how people put a label on themselves and on others?
A label to give them more confidence I assume? To make them look more important than others?


The problem here is that in today’s day and age, success is determined by your LABEL or the fact that you earn a lot of money. Some of us do not have the urge to be the best this or the best that, yes money makes life comfortable but it is not everything. I am sure you have also found yourself in  many a conversation where the first question is, so what do you do for a living? This makes my blood boil. Why? What does that tell you about me and will you put a label on me according to what I tell you?



Yes I like to work, I like my mind to be stimulated and I like being independent but I am by no means defined or labeled by what I do.

If I had to put a label on myself, I would say nurturer, wife, animal lover and eventually mother. Does this make me less successful because I feel that my calling in life is to save animals, have kids and have a happy family? Certainly not. We are all cut from the safe cloth, our perceptions about certain things just differ.

Don’t you ever feel less successful if you do not carry a label, you are by NO means defined by that.


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