People Pleasing

Oh the People Pleaser, I knew her all too well. Lets just place the emphasis on KNEW.


I think that most people tend to please others, we try to keep others happy instead of really pleasing ourselves.
Luckily as I matured (Thank Goodness) – I realized that this is the biggest prison you create for yourself.


I used to say yes to everything and everyone, I did not know how to say no, no I don’t want to go, no I actually don’t feel like doing that. Most of you will be able to relate, we say yes and then we regret it later. The beautiful thing is, you are allowed to say NO, you are allowed to say no without feeling that you have to explain yourself, you do not need to explain anything to anyone, when you learn to just start doing things for yourself, life really changes in a million ways. You see, this beautiful thing called life is very short, you only get one shot at it and that is exactly why you have to learn to live life for you, not for anybody else, for yourself.


There comes a time in life where you start to like solitude, you start to like your own company and this is very important. You have to learn to be alone and once you learn that, you start to realize that you don’t need to be around people all the time. I honestly used to struggle with solitude but with my husband being away from home so frequently, I quickly had to learn to like my own company. The tragedy of today’s youth is that they try to unite to not feel lonely and this is a sad thing. Rather invest in good reading material, try new recipes, pour yourself a glass of wine and just learn to love your own company. You will get to know yourself better and there is nothing more empowering.


My mother is a wise woman, every time i see her she says “Melanie, ons hoef niks te doen wat ons nie wil nie”.


Nou ja, net so.

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