Self Nurture

I thought I would share this topic with you as this has been my experience the past 3 months and maybe I can help someone that needs to read it.

So all of my life I have worried and been concerned about literally everyone around me. So much so, that I forget about myself in the process. Is my mom OK, is my dad OK, what am I going to do when my Grandmother is no longer here, what about this one who is suffering, what about all the homeless animals and people, what are we going to do about animal abuse, how can I contribute more to society etc. My mind is like a hamster spinning on its little wheel.

Let me tell you, the anxiety that this creates, it makes you loose sleep at night, it affects your immune system, it affects your mood and energy, you are irritable and become depressed. This has happened to me the past few months, I had to sit down and regroup and peel off the layers and tell myself that I need to let go of all this worry and give it to God.

I am slowly starting to release again and I can feel my anxiety subsiding. It is so important to look after yourself and nurture yourself. It is essential to your survival and your well-being. It is also very important if you want to maintain a healthy marriage. My husband is such a darling he really calms the storm within me.

So instead of obsessing about everyone, I just pray and let go.

No point in anxiously staring into the future now is there?






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